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Thread: Fender Super 210 (Did Fender make this junk)

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    Fender Super 210 (Did Fender make this junk)

    a "Friend" brought me his Super 210 (@#$#$ Red Knob Amp).

    Looks like something haywire with the Ceramic 30k Resistor (Evidence of over heat, Out of spec). So I begin to unhook the main PC board Checked and rechecked all screws out, jacks backed out of the back of the chasis but I can not lift the PC board up to swing it out to service. I removed the one cord gripI could get to (Reverb) Cant reach the speaker wire grip but they are not under tension when I lift, Tubes are all out and sockets unscrewed.

    The Tension is coming from the area around the Fuse holder. Wires to the Transformer seem to have plenty of fold in them to rule them out. Please any Ideas???

    I used to gripe about my Classic 30 with the folded PC board but I think it's better than this mal engineered door stop.



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