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Thread: Analog to midi

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    Analog to midi

    I own a two manual Rodgers Organ with no MIDI.
    I would like to know where I can buy a kit to put MIDI in both keyboards and pedal. If you know an address where I can get this controllers, I will really appreciate this.

    Thank You Very Much

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    You might contact Rodgers and ask for a referral or recommendation.

    Here is one product line for adding MIDI control
    MIDI 9 - Add MIDI to Any Keyboard Instrument

    There are some resources at
    MITA International | A World Wide Association of Professional Technicians Organized to Improve the Electronic Music Service Industry

    Google MIDI COnversion and also Organ MIDI conversion, and a number of pertinent hits come up.

    I don;t know who is still in the business, but there used to be a few companies making MIDI add-on kits.

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