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Thread: 2 Stroke Build completed today, Question

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    2 Stroke Build completed today, Question

    Just tested out my first build, It's called the 2 stroke Amp from a Dave hunter Book. I think everything went well.

    How much volume should I expect? Maxed out it has a great tone and is starting to get loud. At halfway it seems to low, you could easily have a normal conversation with someone, I know it must have more in there.B ut I have nothing to compare it to..... I have spent a few hours double chking connections.

    el34 12ax7 and a 5y3gt. It's a real similar layout to a 5f2 I believe. 10 watts with the el34. I was using a 1 12 16ohm eminence tonker light.

    Edit: Everything is as it should be, its a good build. Talked to some other guys and compared notes.

    2 stroke Amp Build 5-2010 pictures by rsmalling - Photobucket

    Thanks for any help, comments or insight.

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    You might get 8W with 1 x EL34 in SE Class A. Either way it won't be much louder than the 5W one.

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