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Thread: Hums, ground loops, and strange squeals.

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    Hums, ground loops, and strange squeals.

    I bought a EHX switchblade (A/B switch) and am noticing a noise. Actually it was one of many noises. I have a Vox Ac15h1TV. The amp works fine. It has four inputs, two for each channel. I was running effects though the EF86 channel and using the Top Boost for Dirt.

    I've read that when using an A/B switch on two amps you may get ground loop hum. I'm using my A/B on two channels instead and no ground loop hum (with no effects involved). On the EF86 channel with effects after the A/B they work fine, aside from the ever-present hum that goes away when I touch the strings, lack of shielding or a good ground I guess. If I leave them on and switch to the top boost channel there is a loud squeal. All the pedals do it, they each have there own pitch squeal. They are daisy chained together with a boss power supple.

    I disconnected the whole pedal chain and tested the pedals one at a time using two different power supplies, they all made their signature squeals. I tried the pedal power supply on separate outlet than the amp and it didn't make a difference. Both outlets are on the same circuit I think anyway. It almost seems like the powered up pedal on the channel not being used is inducing a ground loop hum between channels. Then I tried a pedal but ran it off the battery instead of the power supply. Same squeal.

    While I was taking the chain apart I realized my homemade fuzz factory was on the fritz. It doesn't want to play unless the guitar is at full volume. If I turn the guitar down it's as if the pedal is turned off. But that's just another thing that needs looked at. Any advice on that would be swell.

    The other pedals involved were a holy grail reverb, homemade LPB, and a English Channel I built.

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