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Thread: building the cab to pair with tiny terror

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    building the cab to pair with tiny terror

    this may be in the wrong section, but the question is technical in nature. Also, to preface the question, I am an amateur in both amps and electronics in general. However, I am attempting to educate myself. So, this may be a silly question, but if anyone at all can answer it seriously and with an explanation, I might very well learn something.
    I'm going to build a 2x12 or maybe something like a 2x10/2x12, but for the sake of this question, a 2x12 cab to pair with my tiny terror. (15w/7w/2 8ohm/1 16ohm jack) I need to know which way to go with the speakers. Should I get 16 ohm speakers and run them in parallel or 8ohm in series? I was thinking about getting a Celestion Alnico Blue and either a Greenback or an Eminence Private Jack.

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