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Thread: Ampeg B-100 Bass Amp rebuild

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    Ampeg B-100 Bass Amp rebuild

    I just picked up an Ampeg B-100 bass amp at a yard sell for my son. The guy who sold it to me said that all that was wrong with it was that it needed a new speaker. It powers on. Where is the best place to find a replacement speaker? Also, would it be better if I just took it in somewhere to have it looked at and repaired, or is that something that should be easy enough for me to do myself?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Well, if it really is the speaker only, you can buy a replacement anywhere on the net (i.e.: Eminence Speakers - Eminence 12" speakers - Eminence Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Kappa, Delta Pro, Kappa Pro and Omega 12" speakers. Eminence 12" speakers here.) or buy/order in a local music store.
    Does the speaker make any sound? You could take 9v block battery and hook it to the speakers taps. If it doesn't move the speaker's history.
    If it's NOT the speaker you better take it to a qualified tech.

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    Before you buy a speaker, do the battery test tx described. The guy said it needed a speaker, but believe me, as a repair tech, I get enough calls from people who say, "The light comes on and there is no sound, so it MUST be the speaker, right?" Well, no, that is not right. It COULD be the speaker, or it COULD be the amp can;t send anything TO the speaker.

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