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Thread: Question regarding PRS sweet switch

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    Question regarding PRS sweet switch

    Trying to duplicate the "sweet switch" arrangement from an '90 PRS in an LP. I can get the switch assembly at a dealer for about $60, which I think is a bit steep for a DPDT toggle and a small resistor/cap network. I have a part number off my PRS, but can't cross it to any manufacturer. The part number appears to be:



    I'm sure I can find a three-wafer rotary switch to do the selector switch using four-wire pickups, but it might be dicey finding a rotary with the splined shaft. I think Stew-Mac offers a rotary, but with a smooth shaft.

    Any help'd be appreciated.


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    why not use the smooth shaft and use a knob that has a grub screw to tighten it, might be best to put that for all the knobs to get it looking uniform. i did pick up a rotary switch a while ago with this idea in mind, havent done it yet though, but i need to make a guitar to do it on.

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    The Sweet Switch is not a resistor/cap network. Eric Pritchard who worked for PRS wrote this:

    Paul Smith called me sometime over 20 years ago and relayed the Carlos Santana's complaint that when he was playing with a wireless, the guitar was too trebly. I suggested that it was created by using a short cord instead of a long jack cord. Well, having a long cord was not too workable, even wound up, so I suggested using a delay line. After messing around with a bunch of lines and investigating the market, Paul settled on a 75 ohm, 150 nanosecond, 10 section delay line and then put it on a double pole double throw mini toggle switch so it could be switched in and out.

    In retrospect and considering the work I have done since, it probably can be done with a resistor-capacitor network as well - rather like in the high-end cables.
    So it's actually a passive delay line. These are used in communications applications.

    But you can probably do the same thing with a resistor/cap network.

    The StewMac rotary switch does have a coarse-knurled split shaft. You can buy the exact same switch with a smooth shaft in Radio Shack for $2.

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