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Thread: ThroBak Pickups

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    ThroBak Pickups

    Here is a demo of the ThroBak SLE-101 Plus MXV pickups by the great Allen Hinds. These pickups feature 100% USA made ThroBak vintage reproduction parts including USA made unoriented A5 magnets. Every part of the pickup assembly, covers, baseplates... are ThroBak manufactured parts. Wound with the Throbak, 1946, Leesona 102 and the Gibson hand made Slug 101 1950's coil winder that came out of the Gibson plant, these are truly one of a kind in the in the P.A.F. repro market.

    This next video gives an up close look at the buffing and grinding steps that go in the the ThroBak MXV P.A.F. vintage repro pickup covers. This an interesting historical view of the same buffing and grinding process that was used in the 50's in Kalamazoo. Video filmed in the Kalamazoo area and shows vintage fixtures and machinery used in the Gibson Kalamazoo era.

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