Sine Guitars is a two-man operation based in Lancaster County, PA. We make dynamic, rich and responsive pickups that hearken to the sound of Les Paul's own guitars, rather than Gibson's version of it. The Les Paul guitar, as Gibson made it, had high impedance pickups each wound with approximately a mile of wire not much thicker than a human hair. Les himself, though, used pickups of very low impedance wound with a much lower quantity of much thicker wire. This is the reason for his very distinctive tone.

Sine pickups are wound completely by hand with wire of a similar size to that found in Les Paul's pickups and to a similarly low impedance. In fact, our pickups have by a significant margin the lowest impedance of any guitar pickups currently on the market that we are aware of. Despite their unique nature, these pickups are available in most any size and configuration. We use a JFET preamp to provide ample amounts of output and to allow the use of more useful, versatile tone controls.

Here are a couple of videos demonstrating a set of our humbuckers. They were played by my friend Mike Martin, through a Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410, recorded with a Shure SM57. The first video is clean, the second one overdriven. In both videos the neck pickup is first, then the middle position, then the bridge.