Guys, only a brief post, but utterly worthy..
Long story short..
Bought DIY amp in a Filmosound chassis..
Gutted, rebuilt loosely bases on 5E3. Only PCB was PSU, otherwise point to point.
The BIG thanks goes to all U guys, regulars and stalkers like me, posing ideas / theories / conversions / pics etc etc.
My main probs were no CT on P/T, tiny chassis and sl high B+.

Reading this forum and 1 main other was invaluable for ideas/solutions WITH theory behind it.

If yr curious how a tightly crammed "5E3" + budget components + a hybrid Graetz rectifier sounds, I did a Youtube clip with build pics.
I ain't no narrator for sure, and the dig camera mic compresses the sound +++, but some idea of gain and tone is possible.

5E3 point-to-point Filmosound chassis build.wmv - YouTube

And for any Oz readers near Canberra, drop in !!

Thx again, Dave