Ok, bring da band on down, behind me, boyz n girlz..

This is a rare one, not many made.

NO power tranz..just a iso unit..

I got one...

8-track echo unit..labeled FoMoCo (Ford)

Switches labeled 'TELE GIB FEND MAR '

ODD output tubes.. 10 to 312 watts rms...

Damping control on the center output tranz winding..

(yes, you read that right)

The *VERY* amp pictured on page #94 in R. Fliegler's
book is owned by HP, and since I have the only known
schematic for it, it got my foot in the PV door. The schem
is huge, blueprint size, not easy to copy...sorry..

This sucker, when it works...kicks ass...

A 'combo' p/type was made, but never produced.

More 'amp-porn' coming soon as I go thru all this paper..

Stop me if I bore ya...


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