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Thread: Freewheelers Cello Blues

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    Freewheelers Cello Blues

    I'ld like to introduce my band to y'all, called Freewheelers Cello Blues. We started in 2007 at a festival in the Netherlands, where we played various gigs with different players, trying to find a success formula. This we found in Spain, where we worked with several talented guitar players, developing our own arrangements of old and new blues songs.
    We headlined for flamenco-bluesplayer Raymundo Amador and went to the US where we played the west coast and experienced that relaxed music flavour.
    Now back in the Netherlands, we work out our effects and loops, and develop into a power duo, that sometimes is assisted by a drummer, sometimes by another instrument, not necessarily a guitarplayer.

    Ilene plays a NS design 6string electric cello, a 80 year old German Meisl acoustic, and I built two electric cello's for her that she says sounds better than the NS.
    She has a Fishman Loudbox Artist amp and Digitech Jamman, Zoom G2 and Vox 847 wah.

    I started with a Warwick Streamer Pro and only the Bassballs effect but am happy to have a Rickenbacker 4001. This bass has a stereo output! combined with a Bosch RC20 loopstation and GE3 equalizer, Digitech BP80, Qtron+ with MXR and Marshall DRP-1 and Vox DA5 (used for amp modeling and extra fx) goes into a London City DEA100 and a Hartke.

    We always work with the best FOH soundmen and lightshow possible. At home we record on Ubuntu Live (and a homebuilt desktop with M-Audio Delta66 card) and we use a macbook pro with garageband for sketches.

    Our website is FREEWHEELERS PORTAL check it out!
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