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Thread: Fender 6G6-B Bass Input Side - Little to no Bass Response from Bass Pot

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    Fender 6G6-B Bass Input Side - Little to no Bass Response from Bass Pot

    Got my pawn shop 6G6-B running today but noticed that I wasn't getting any response from the bass pot on the bass side. Normal side is fine.

    Everything in the bass circuit including the pot seems to check out okay, so did a search here and found this;

    "Has anyone run the 6G6A or 6G6B through the tone stack calculator? Huge loss in the bass frequencies before the volume control. Not much difference if you change the source impedance from 1K to 38K. The 1 Meg slope resistor sets the bass turnover frequency pretty low with the .25uF caps. There is some adjustment with the Bass pot but it falls off the bottom of the graph. The Treble control kind of has the opposite effect. It goes from almost flat to a huge treble cut that acts as a bass boost."

    This comes close to describing my situation but if there's any responce I'm not hearing it.

    Keep in mind I'm running a guitar through it, and not lower octave bass notes.

    Any thoughts?

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    One thing that I try when a tone control doesn't seem to work is to adjust the other tones controls so that the frequencies are shifted into that controls frequency range. Then sweep the non-working control to see if it has any effect. Try turning the treble control all the way down and see if you can hear the bass control do anything.

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    There is not much to the tone circuit.
    Bad cap is my guess.

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