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Thread: Finished 6G6 Build - But No Bass Response on Bass CH & Too Much Bass on Norman CH

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    Finished 6G6 Build - But No Bass Response on Bass CH & Too Much Bass on Norman CH

    Just finished putting together a stock clone of a 6G6 (not an A or B) GZ34 rectified with MM transformers.

    Amp is LOUD, and I'm liking what I'm hearing, but I'm getting cab rattle with a very low bass setting on the normal channel and no bass response on the bass side.

    I've walked the circuit and so far I don't seem to have anything out of place.

    I know this will probably come up so I'll mention it here. House voltage is 122 at the wall, so I used a variac to bring it down to 110, that dropped my B supply from 513VDC to 460V. I'm still a little high at the plate of V1 (171v at P1, 301v at P6) but V3 voltage is on the low side (204v at P1, 197v at P6) as compared to voltages listed on the schematic.

    Two questions,
    - what is the best way to drop the voltage without using the variac?
    - Any thoughts on the bass problem?

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    Have you played a bass guitar through the bass channel?
    As to the line voltage: what difference do you hear when the variac is turned from 110Vac to 122Vac?

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    To drop your B+ use a Zener/Mosfet dropper between PT Centre tap and ground

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