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Thread: Memory Boy schematic

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    Memory Boy schematic

    I have a problem in my memory boy electro harmonix....
    Sometime ago I felt an increase of gain when the pedal was activated. So I soldered a resistor between the two small pads of the TRIM footprint (in gain adj). But I have found the opposite problem. Now the volume is lowered when the pedal is activated.
    Please can you give me the electric schematics of this pedal?

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    Hello, I know this was a couple hundred years ago, did you ever find the schematic? I currently have two non-functioning EHx memory boys with approximately 180% of the total parts. The boy that is 100% was almost destroyed during shipping and all three switches (1 foot, 2 toggle) were crushed and the pots might have been damaged during shipping or are the reason it was As Is, but the spindle came off when I tried to remove the knobs. The other one is missing the ic chips on the daughter board, but I was told they weren’t the problem. I have a couple of ideas, but I thought the schematic would be the best place to start. I would also appreciate any EHx experience or expertise. Thanks, regards CfI

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