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Thread: dB Technologies Opera 405D

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    dB Technologies Opera 405D


    I am working on the above dB powered speaker and unable to get a schematic. I badly need help in identifying a 16 pin SMD which is marked " AEB DPI 016P ". I guest it is a gate driver because, pin 10 is connected to the gate of one IRFR 4019 and pin 14 to the other IRFR 4019, the IRFR 4019 is driving the woofer. When I checked both the 4019, both the Drain and Source have shorted and there is a voltage of about 28volts across the speaker terminals. Can it be that this IC has shorted and has also caused both the mosfets to short. Can anyone with the knowledge of this class D amps help me out.



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    I do not recognize that AEB number.

    It may be a relabeled 'IRS20955s'.

    As to the failure mode, that is anybodies guess.

    Here is an interesting amp schematic from IRF.
    It may be usefull in tracing out the 'black' PCB. (why do they do that?)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IRF Amplifier.jpg 
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    Hello there,

    I have noticed you are talking about the opera 405d.

    I own a dB Opera 405d active loudspeaker and it broke.
    The "symptoms" are that the speaker power on just fine. The speakers are working, they're not blown but there is NO sound
    It just stopped playingwhile on a break I was playing some mp3s for the guests. NOT loud or anything
    The service guy told me that it's the circuit board amplifier and it's not fixable
    He said it needs replacing the whole amplifier board and that's gonna cost somewhere from 300 to 500
    Isn't that a little too expensive when the WHOLE speaker costs around 400 itself?
    I'm just asking in case there is another way, or if the cost is cheaper and the lie to me
    Is there any way I could find somewhere the spare parts, so my speaker is no more useless?
    I am a professional vocalist/guitar player for many years, and the speaker is my tool. I know you understand

    Thank you vey much for your time

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    we also have problem at dbtech 410

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