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Thread: Midi Mallet circuit board help!!

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    Midi Mallet circuit board help!!

    Im am very new to this, I am looking to build a arduino board that i can hook up to 40 piezos, or or force sensitive resistors. I also need a midi in and midi out, a sensitivity dial to adjust how hard the keys need to be hit (without force sensitive resistors), and a usb port. I have looked everywhere for a walk through on how to do this and its way above my head to figure out with not having the experience behind it. I need this build and ready in 2 months as i need it for a performance.

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    I hadn't noticed your thread down here at the bottom. Are you building a standard keyboard? Or are these 40 sensors in some unconventional array?

    I ask because in a conventional keyboard, the usual way to detect velocity - hardness of keystrike - is to use two contacts, and react to the time difference between them.

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    Just buy a MalletKat :-)

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