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Thread: Differences in sound of the same pickup wound to the same DCR with different wire AWG

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Kolbeck View Post
    I'd like to read more about this, is there a common name for this effect?
    It's called an antenna. Or a transmission line. Best place to start is the ARRL Handbook:

    AM Broadcast frequencies are around 1 MHz. At that frequency, the wavelength is (3*10^8)/(1*10^6)= 300 meters. So this isn't going to be a problem in most guitars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Gwinn View Post
    All true, but so what. If you are a mile from a AM station, everything is a rectifier. Iv'e seen in in ordinary telephone wires, where someone made a splice by twisting the bare copper wires together. Local disk jockey came in loud and clear. Soldering the twisted wires silenced the disk jockey.
    The effective area of wire antennas goes as wavelength squared. There is one million times more power available to simple antennas at 1 MHz than 1 GHz given the same field strength.

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