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Thread: Dean Markley RM-80-DR schematics

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    Dean Markley RM-80-DR schematics

    Greetings! I come in search of schematics for this Dean Markley amplifier. Has anyone come across such a thing?
    I did find the preamp section only on the Dean Markely site.

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    So CALL Dean Markley and ask if they have the rest of the amp schematic, or ask them if the rest is the same as some other model that is posted.

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    I agree with Enzo. The series was largely "modular", set of circuit boards for different preamps and power amps that, when combined, could lend to various different models (e.g. whole RM, DR, and SR series). Besides that, I've seen photos of some of those amplifiers which clearly indicate that there were model revisions with clear and obvious differences to earlier versions. (Hint: Google image search). So your amp may not match the one and only schematic that you'll find from Internet. So, therefore my agreement with Enzo. Never hurts to try.

    But what you have is a guide that hopefully is enough to take you through the repair process. On that note, this schematic may not match what you have in your amp, but I wouldn't be surprised if the circuit is awfully similar...

    Very similar concepts what Butler later utilised in his TubeWorks amplifiers, BTW. Some in power amp, many in preamps, particularly the starved plate "Tube Driver" circuitry.

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    Mind you that amp has grounded output flying rails structure, so not the same as other amps.

    To begin with, do not connect speaker or load until it's fully repaired or you'll measure some very funny voltages.

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