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Thread: 5e9x2 Questions?

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    5e9x2 Questions?

    Hi, new member here, and fingers crossed - hope you guys can help me understand a few things here!

    Super excited about trying a Weber 5e3x2 layout, except the have the 5e9a front end. Iíve already collected the iron, board and parts for the bulk of the build, including a 5e3x2 chassis, which Iíve punched for the Speed & Intensity, and additional jack for the footswitch, a Tremolux board from Watts Tube Audio, Classictone 40-18029 PT & 40-18088 OT, and the board is for the most part built . . . maybe a bit presumptuously! Attached picture of board so far.

    Iíve built a couple of í68 era Plexis (50w & 100w) and understand ďsomeĒ terminology and topology, but not enough to sort out a few concerns with the double power Tremolux. Like most kids, Iíve used Layouts over Schematics / so Iím trying to catch up on actually understanding of how the amp works. Onto some concerns or observations?

    At the Paraphase PI, on the 5e9a layout, the PI filter (20uF) supplies both the power tube screens and the PI tube plates. On the 5e3x2, the 20uF just supplies for the power tubes. Iím assuming this is ok?

    3M Speed & Jack, Iíve read to ground the jack to turn OFF (and ON) the Tremolo, but not sure how to wire the 3MRA pot, since it is not the original 2M switched pot.

    Still debating on which PT taps to use with which rectifier tube, and whether to run 6v6s (12w) or 6v6GTAs (14w). Iím building a Pro sized old pine cab for a 1x12, and another same 1x12 extension cab to add if ďthe gig is biggerĒ. Possibly adding a 1/2 power switch.

    Any thoughts, input, warnings or observations on my project here would be hugely appreciated, and thanks in advance for your time & knowledge!


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    My latest build is 5e9a, get the switched pot(ebay) or put in a toggle switch for the term or you won't be able to turn it off completely. That said, I just bypassed the switch and wired it like 5g9 with my build and the term is always there even when you turn the knob all the way down but not enough to be a problem in the live situation so I left it like that.

    The (not so)clean & overdriven tone of the 5e9a is really pleasing to my ears.
    The trem of 5g9 is to die for and some more power from a fixed bias is a lot more useful than cathode in live situation (talking about 2 6v6s here).

    Now, only if these two amps could have a baby...

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    What chassis do you use for a 5G9? Seems like very few kit choices and most are the 5e9a. I canít remember if itís the F or G that uses a Long Tailed Pair, but thatís the one I want to build as I donít have an amp with that setup.

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