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I love it when I hear people from Las Vegas say it's cold.
Ha! Maybe I am a little thin blooded, but my garage is pretty drafty, and when the wind is blowing my little propane heater can't keep up. I'm sure it's a little humorous to all of my friends in the GWN, similar to when I hear those in colder climates complain of heat, but as much as I enjoy working on the gear, It's no fun when I'm uncomfortable.

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Well remember that Las Vegas is in a desert. It actually can get cold there (though mid 40's isn't that cold). The coldest I ever felt was in Flagstaff Arizona. The temp was exactly zero Fahrenheit, but the humidity was very low so the moment you went out it felt like all the water in your skin was sublimating as you freeze dried. My breath was crystallizing and falling in tiny flakes. It had to be the low humidity, but it was oddly, bitingly cold feeling.
Usually when it's cold here in Vegas, the humidity is very low, so we don't see much snow. Last Wednesday we had the most significant snow event in almost thirty years. Some parts of the Las Vegas valley had well over a foot. A few inches fell at my house in the center of town. It was very surreal seeing my neighborhood covered.

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Something I've had to tell some of my housies about those "Polar Vortex" days & nights in the northeast. Please, be sure to drink a lot of water. You don't realize how much you lose when it's 2° out, the wind is 20-30mph, & humidity in the 30-40% range. A lot of them (there are 32 of us this year) are from So-Cal, Florida, Hawaii, had a Bolivian & a Filipino... But tgey think they're okay cuz they're not sweating...

I remember in fall when most of rhem were saying how cold it was & how miserable when it got down to 45°. I just kept telling them "just wait. It gets better." Not that this thread need be a urination competition about our weather, cuz I already know G1, Dude, & Enzo win that one; just shooting crap. And yes, it DOES get cold in the desert. But that's better than 115° in the shade.
It's easy to become dehydrated here at any time of the year, but you're right about how easy it is to be unaware in cold weather. During July, and August it will get over 110 degrees a few times. The official record for Las Vegas is 117*, but that's at the airport downtown. Many parts of the valley exceed that frequently. There's also a theory that the Chamber of Commerce has a special thermometer designed to not scare tourists. I'm getting older, and the heat affects me more than it used to. I'll still take 105* over 25* any day though.

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Last Thursday it snowed in parts of north Scottsdale and it was like 45 degrees most of the day. For us that's about as cold as it gets. A week later it's a high temperature of 75. Chuck has it right with the dry cold nights in Arizona. I don't think I could handle the REAL cold and that damn polar vortex.
I lived in Scottsdale in the mid 70's. Those were some wild times. Arizona does have exciting weather. In '77 it flooded so bad that it destroyed all of the bridges crossing the Salt River, except for one half of the Interstate 10. I was working in Chandler at the time. The commute afterwards was nearly impossible. I thought at the time that it deserved a special edition of "Arizona Highways". I have a lot of friends in AZ. I was sent this photo last week. A satellite image showing two thirds of your state covered in snow.

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