Someone was selling a first model Devi Ever Silver Rose cheap because the charge pump issue did the thing it did and when he attempted to repair it, he had no proper equipment to safely remove the SMD componemtry. So the MAX1044 was pulled but there was a trace that was torn up and another that fractured.

I cleaned up the pads and repaired the fractured one. I considered using a pad and track repair kit, but as the trace lead to a component a few MM away I just jumpered the pin.

I've seen posts regarding the MAX1044 and how they fail due to their under specced current handling. Most of the repairs I've seen have been quite crude using 1054s in packages that don't match the original SOIC 8. I did some searching round and the LT1054 is available as an SOIC 8 package. Ordered one in and installed it in place of the old dead chip. I connected the pin without the pad to the nearest connection and it came all back to life.

The damaged pad. The pins at the top had the fracture between them. The pad in the bottom right had the track torn from the board.

The new LT1054 installed with the jumper. Normally it would be a simple install for one that didn't have the track issue.

Number 36 according to the signatures.

All closed up and sounding fierce.

So if you've got a Silver Rose that doesn't work and needs a new voltage converter/charge pump, search Element 14 or a similar source for an LT1054.