Hoping someone can help. Bought a Danelectro Cool Cat chorus - model DC-1. Old metal housing 18 volt unit.

Effect passes normal signal and effect signal to some extent. When engaged, the chorus sounds really nice, until you try to let the chord or note ring out. The chorus starts to get a slightly distorted sounds and then drop out - almost like a noise gate set to high. What could cause this? It came with power supply, which appears to be putting out 26 volt not 18. Tried batteries, but the same degrade to signal happens.

Since the chorus is functioning I'm thinking the BBD & clock chip are okay. Could the problem be in the amplifier stage? And, if anyone has a schematic that would be a big help. My search has turned up nothing.

I have it listed on eBay for parts or project, but if there is an easy way to test and fix this I'd like to hear from you. It is one of the nicer chorus pedals I've heard before the bottom drops out.

There was a trimmer pot that seemed to govern when the unit started to kick in that was not measuring correctly. I tried removing it and using fixed resistors to replicate it until I could find a replacement if it worked. But once again, no luck.

Give me a shout back with any ideas. Thanks in advance!