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Thread: Chinese Gibson clone neck..... makes you wonder?

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    Chinese Gibson clone neck..... makes you wonder?

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    So I took a chance and ordered a Gibson SG clone neck from China off of EBay using PayPal for $52 free shipping. It took 2 weeks to get to me. The damn thing looks really good. One piece mahogany, rosewood fretboard, medium jumbo frets. VERY well made. Seems to drop right into the neck pocket of this Epiphone body I had laying around. To bad the finish on the body is poly. Anyway... there are several luthiers (whom I will not name) in my area who are claiming to be building custom made USA guitars costing well above $1k. I know at least one of them is assembling from Chinese bodies and necks. When I get this one finished with a new Gibson waterslide on black headstock it would fool any noob. I may even stamp something goofy on the back for a serial number.

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    May I suggest:


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    Those Chinese manufacturers are getting pretty good at making guitars lately, I like their improvements in quality control which rivals and sometimes exceeds your Gibson's and Fenders. I have found that attention to things like fret leveling, crowning and fret end dress still have some way to go but this holds true for Gibson and Fender too... shame though, there was a day when you could rely upon a Big ticket USA guitar to have these details attended to right out of the box.

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