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Thread: Connectors for 4-wire cables?

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    Connectors for 4-wire cables?

    Does anyone have recommodations about connectors for pickups. EMG and Others already use some. Need something to connect pickup to electronics. Connectors between cables are what I'd like. This way I can ship out presoldered "pickguards", and with this option customers are able to easily mount into guitar without pickguards.

    4-wire + ground. So need 5 connections..

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    Molex connectors like Gibson use
    Manufacture Part#: 51021-0500
    Manufacture Part#: 50079-8100

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    I've used the EMG type. You have "pins" which crimp onto the wire, and then a "housing" which houses the pins (The pins are the sockets), and "headers" which are the male plug part on the pickup.

    The Jameco part numbers are:

    Pins part# 100766

    Housing, for 5 pins (4 conductors, plus ground)


    The crimping tool is:


    Then you need the headers on the pickup end. These are soldered to a circuit board. I used to use a small piece of perf board.

    Headers come in straight, or right angle (like EMG) and are in strips that you cut apart.

    It's not terribly hard to do, but not trivial either. I stopped using the connectors, but I think I'm going to return to using them.

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