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Thread: Making your own fret tang nippers revisited...

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    Making your own fret tang nippers revisited...

    I've mentioned making your own fret tang cutters before but the $40+ Klein hand nibbler was discontinued several years ago and no longer shows up on eBay. (You might check at your local sheet metal and HVAC shops to see if they have a used nibbler to sell because practically everyone has switched to electric or pneumatic nibblers. They still come in handy if you need to cut a hole in a metal duct in an attic or crawl space without dragging in power tools and extension cords.)

    This following video shows how to make a tang cutter with a "$3 tool from Harbor Freight." Good luck finding one as HFT discontinued them several years ago.

    Watch "Luthier's Tips & Tricks # 22, Making your own fret tang nippers" on YouTube

    I found one on Amazon a few years ago for about $12 including shipping and it was my original prototype. It wasn't as powerful as the Klein nibbler and if the bumps on the fret tang were lined up just so it would not cut through (no problem- just move the nibbler back a little and do 2 cuts.)

    I just now checked on-line and Jameco sells them on eBay for $9.99 plus $4 s/h.

    Minimum shipping charge on their website is $5.99 but you might want to check their clearance section for capacitors and resistors (they buy up surplus parts from many of the mfgs in Silicon Valley.)

    Here's their listing of capacitors on clearance. While single lot prices are high, 10 lots and 100 lots are quite reasonable (these parts are usually already packaged in bags of 10 or 100 so you pay extra for them to open them up.)

    Steve A.

    EDIT... Make a liar out of me- I see that a new Klein nibbler just sold on eBay for around $41.

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