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Thread: Brown Eye 100W PCB boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by J M Fahey View Post
    I make my own PCBs and have of necessity learnt all the processes.

    That said, I try to simplify and cut costs as much as possible so in general keep them simple.

    PTH can be made, even homemade, but adds quite a few steps and time (not so much direct actual cost in $$$)

    Basically you work backwards: drill all holes first (of course using CNC so position is very acurate and can be repeated later with precision), mask everything but holes and pads, apply a solution which deposits colloidal graphite or silver on exposed surfaces, plate "everything" with a lead solution depositing a thick layer of lead including inside holes, remember all pads are still interconnected, because you have not removed any copper yet, then remove auxiliary masking and continue with "normal" PCB process.

    PTH can take as much or more as the other processes combined so at least doubling process time.

    Personally I avoid double face boards, up to 20 or 30 top links are acceptable (check typical peavey, laney and generic Oriental products), and if needed, simply solder on both sides.

    No big deal in small run production, and I thought the Russian boards were made that way, which is quite functional of course for small scale or home/DIY assembly, which is the case here.
    I can see that making a lot sense depending on where you live. I take for granted fast/easy/reliable shipping and generally low tariffs. If I didn't have that luxury then I'd need to rethink how I do a lot of things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nosaj View Post
    Juan, is there anything you don't know how to do?

    Oh,TONS of things.

    ZERO knowledge on digital stuff, even less on programming languages.

    Something I should be ashamed of: canīt even **simulate**

    Neither Spice type circuit simulation nor speaker cabinet one.

    Nor record using Pro Tools type stuff

    Nor play any instrument, not even a few basic chords to test stuff.
    Full or important lack of knowkledge on many other areas many might take for granted.

    Some are surprised by some things I had to learn, but that happens because of 2 main reasons:

    1) Iīm "wide focused" (which sounds like an oxymoron ) on many non-strictly-Electronics aspects because I needed them for actual manufacturing and lots of stuff are either plain unavailable or demand very high volume purchases which I couldnīt afford.

    And many of those processes (such as making my own reverb tanks) are not complicated at all, just nobody could compete either with Accutronics because they tightly defend their patents (they successfully sent all infringers into bankruptcy) or with Belton because of their cheaper-than-peanuts price.

    Now in Argentina we fly below Accutronics radar, too small a market to worry about, and every single imported tank carries a $50 fixed markup because of Freight and Tariff so even if they were *free* they canīt be sold for less than, say, $60.
    I can make them for about $15 so numbers are on my side.

    Same with PCBs, transformers, speakers, chassis,etc.

    2) some may be surprised but Iīm VERY interested in many other aspects: Chemistry, Mechanics, Metallurgy, etc. plus I am not an EE (although I studied 2 years worth of it) but basically an Industrial Engineer (4 years worth) and MBA (1 full year) both of which explain the wide range and focusing on cost and efficiency .... which saved my skin until today.

    We are currently (since last Saturday) into yet another deep crisis , USD increased in value from 42 to 61 pesos , a 45% increase (so 42% devaluation) in 1 (one) day
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DolarHoy01.png 
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    Oh, and Stock Exchange, a.k.a. "The Market" fell by about 46% (not a typo) ... US is deeply shocked because Dow Jones fell by 6 or 7% , Nasdaq 4 or 5% and S&P around 3%

    Whatīs my point?: we are shielded against radiation, like cockroaches are, we developed different coping mechanisms such as "producing under one roof" , getting suppliers who accept small orders (they also need many small orders to survive so we help each other) and so on.

    IF US Down Jones had dropped 46% in *one* day, States would be Nuking each other trying to survive.

    Here? ... business as usual.

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    Juan Manuel Fahey

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