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Thread: Dynacord VRS-23 bbd delay - mod for endless repeats

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    Dynacord VRS-23 bbd delay - mod for endless repeats

    Hi everybody

    I just purchased a vintage Dynacord VRS23 analog delay and figured out that mine is the later version, it doesn't go into endless repeat mode with the feedback control turned all the way up

    I was wondering if there could be a way to modify the unit for self oscillation ?

    I guess something has to be changed in the feedback path of the delay signal but I don't really know how

    Maybe someone more expert can have a quick look at the schematics and suggest a modification ?

    I have attached a copy of the service manual and here are larger version of the schematics which are clearer to read

    Service manual : Dynacord VRS23 Dynacord-VRS23 switch.gif, switch manual preview

    It seems that R040 on the front panel board is the feedback control pot, this is connected to ne570 companders on main board. Maybe something in this path needs to be altered in order to increase the feedback amount ?
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