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Thread: Gibson Ripper pickup information

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    Gibson Ripper pickup information


    New to the forum, very new to the idea of trying to rewind pickups.

    Bass is my second instrument, and ten years ago I found a very bad looking Ripper at a flea market for ten dollars. Been sitting in a closet until a couple weeks ago, when I pulled the pickups and tried to get a reading, which looked like a goose egg.

    I'm a crafty, careful guy. So I says I'll try rewinding them myself, after seeing that most makers out there don't want to try to do it, what with them being encased in epoxy. The drop in replacements from SD would be over 300, so that's rich, even if the bass was ten bucks.

    Done a bit of digging, and my noob brain can't extract the information I need from the information that's out there. One person did take readings, a lot more readings from the set than I thought was possible, and none of it made sense to me. On top of it, the pics I've seen of the insides of one of the pickups, the wires seem to be wound very different from other humbucking pickups I have seen, as if the magnets' poles are facing eachother instead of facing out of the instrument, and there between them are a set of screws facing out of the pickup. I believe they called them sidewinders?

    So to shorten the question - Does anyone know what gauge wire was used on these pickups and what number of turns are required to approximate an original sets' readings, knowing I should get a gauss meter to check the magnets before I even start.

    If this goes horribly wrong, I'll start saving, but most likely offer the parts to the board for sale. So if anyone is looking for a referb project, tell me I'm an idiot and a dreamer.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Not sure on the other specifics, but they are of a "sidewinder" design.

    This means that the coils are laid on their sides, with the same polarity of the magnets facing inwards toward the poles. Generally, both coils are wound in the same direction (so, for example, each coil would be wound counter-clockwise with North facing up), then the end of one coil is connected to the start of the other coil (in series). They can be wired in parallel, as well (start to start, and end to end).

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