I love me some surplus dealers, usually finding real bargains a couple times a year. One of the scrappier ones (Excesssolutions.com) is trying to move, of all things, some higher end audio made by Chinese company Jaton.

Seems the older (founded 1983) maker of video graphic cards, fax modems and consumer electronics products has a founder who likes audio and had some AV, audiophile speakers and 7.1 amps and preamps made. They didn't sell and are now being blown out.

Speakers | Excess Solutions

top drawer is the A3 speakers, reviewed by a typical audiophool here
Jaton REAL A3 Loudspeaker German technology wrapped in Chinese clothing. Review By A. Colin Flood

check the huge load of German Mundorf stuff in the crossovers
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The drivers are all Mundorf too and the Mundorf AMT tweeter alone retails for $400 with the whole speaker for $500.

There are a number of small ugly speakers and subs too for CHEAP but some of the electronics are non US voltages I believe.

I'm not (currently) in the market for $1K speakers even if they were $12k, maybe someone else here is