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Thread: Mod for guitar frequencies - The BBE Maxcom Sonic Maximizer

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    Mod for guitar frequencies - The BBE Maxcom Sonic Maximizer

    This is working pretty good and is STAYING in my rack but not really voiced for guitar. So I'd love to rework the caps and pretty sure for highs I'd just have to parallel another 4.7uF or so but which and where?
    I don't have a schematic but might be able to trace the corresponding pot traces to them or assume they're the values discusses below. Any help would be appreciated before I take apart...

    I had the Apex Xciter pedal voiced for guitar but my bud LOVED it so I had to share the wealth

    Being fan, I also picked up a board from and it's getting there - these freakin' boards take forever to build! But this GREAT designer adds this info:

    "The stock circuit uses a 3n3 capacitor for the Process (high) knob, which is around 10 kHz. Since thatís already really high for guitar, you probably donít want to add any settings to make this frequency higher. Try using 3n3 for C4, a 1n-1n5 capacitor for CX1 and a 2n2-3n3 capacitor for CX2. This will give three settings on the switch: 3n3, 4n3/4n8 and 5n5/6n6.
    The stock circuit uses a 47n capacitor for the Contour (low) knob, which is around 50 Hz. While it may be useful to go lower, like with a 5-string bass, you probably only want to adjust this upwards with 50 Hz as the minimum setting. Accordingly, try using 22n for C5, and then use 10n for CX3 and 22n for CX4, which gives you three settings on the switch: 22n, 32n and 44n. If youíd like to go down in frequency as well as up, try a 33n for C5, 10n for CX3 and 22n for CX4."
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