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Thread: AVO MKIV Tube Tester Meter Rebuild?

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    Question AVO MKIV Tube Tester Meter Rebuild?

    I have a lovely AVO MKIV tube tester. Someone has disassembled the meter and the pole-piece is dislodged. The coil still reads good and I fear handling it as it could be completely destroyed in short order in it's current condition.
    JAC will service these and restore them but I have to send it to Europe to see if it can be saved. Is there in anyone in the United States who knows how to properly service this meter? It is high precision meter of an odd impedance and I would only like to substitute it if absolutely necessary.

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    It is the physical meter, so an instrument repair company need not know anything about the tube tester specifically. Look up "test instrument repair and see if anyone local pops up. COmpanies that repair and maintain electronic test gear for engineer anda labs could probably repair a meter movement. There are national companies in the USA doing this too.

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