I'm recently rebuilt my Shiva/Hotcat 30 into a superbass/model t-esque circuit. 2xEL34@380VDC/4k primary, cathode biased to be pretty much class A. It's not run as hot as the hot cat 30 as those things eat tubes.
The idea of this is that it will make for a good pedal platform to record with using my twonotes captor reactive load and it can get dirty all on its own if I push the master.

I'm building this using Merlin's new dev boards, which are pretty cool to work with, if not always as convenient as turret:

Once I've adjusted the pre in to taste I'll rebuild the power supply and power amp as I've never been too happy with it.

And this is where it lives. Not destined to see too much action run through a cab this one.

Sounds like this: