I just ordered a Fender Champ 12 from GC Eugene. I live up in Seattle so it should be here soon. I'm excited! The guy I spoke on the phone with says the drive channel doesn't work, so he says I should be able to get some extra cash refunded from my local store who he called and talked to their manager to get him up to speed. I'm a jazz guy, so I have no use for the drive channel anyways. I've been lugging around 40 pound amps everywhere around town so it'll be nice to have one that weighs 26 lbs.

How responsive is the bass knob on this? If you turn the bass to zero does it kill the bass frequencies? I do that with all my Fender amps as my guitar has a lot of low end character (big 17 inch jazz box with a floating mini hum bucker, strung with roundwoundsa and have the pole pieces on the E and A lowered).

Is this more of a brighter, shimmery amp, or boomier heavy amp?

What happens if you turn the bass to zero? I do that with all my Fender amps as my guitar has a lot of low end character.

Are the footswitched to these amps all hardwired? I have no use for it.

If I desoldered the foot switch from the circuit board, would that make it so the clean channel is always on?

Would there be any grounding issues from this operation of removing the footswitch?

Has anyone had any cabinet or chassis rattle issues with this amp, most notably on the neck hum buckers on guitars?

Soooo pumped to get this amp. If this thing is a Fender with controllable bass frequencies, and has the headroom of say a 15 watt Super Champ I gigged with from 2012-2016, that would be amazing!