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Thread: Grateful Dead Ukuleles -- Get 'Em While They're Hot at Guitar Center

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    Grateful Dead Ukuleles -- Get 'Em While They're Hot at Guitar Center

    Is there anything that the Grateful Dead will not endorse?

    Over the years I've noticed that the Dead will endorse just about anything. Bob Weir has been particularly good at the endorsement game... everything from the Ibanez Artists in the 70s to the low-end D'Angelico Premier today.

    Now it looks like they're even licensing their brand image to Alvarez ukuleles.

    Alvarez Grateful Dead Concert Ukulele | Guitar Center

    I have to wonder if Kelley-Mouse are getting anything out of this, or if the artwork has been changed just enough that they get nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob p View Post
    Is there anything that the Grateful Dead will not endorse?
    Curiously enough, coffins.

    That's OK, you can score a KISS coffin for your funereal rites if you so choose. I hear they've been doing brisk sales. Maybe you can get a little speaker inside to play "I wanna rock n roll all night, and party every day" for eternity, more or less.

    When the time comes, surprise me. I'll be dead, I'd be grateful to have any kind of box at all.

    Apparently what the Dead's current management have discovered, is they have a whole new generation of acolytes, kids so young none of them got to see Jerry play with the band, much less Keith Godchaux or Pigpen. Might as well cash in while you can, apparently the uke market is strong. I've always wondered why they don't have G.D. signature hacky-sack sacks, maybe printed with Jerry's artwork like the series of neckties that have been available for decades. You always see a bunch of hackysackers at gigs = there's a market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob p View Post
    Grateful Dead Ukuleles -- Get 'Em While They're Hot at Guitar Center
    I think I'll wait 'till they're the STUPID Deal of the Day.

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