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Thread: EV PSX1000 channel short?

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    Question EV PSX1000 channel short?

    First off... I appologize for my lack of knowledge... I've done a bit of basic repair but I am by no means a technician. I am trying to learn and don't mind putting in the time. I'm trying to repair this for our church which at this point can't afford to replace it or pay someone to repair it. I appreciate your input.

    I was given the above mixer which works fine so long as the right channel is not active. If it is then the protection circuit does it's job and cuts the outputs until that channel is pulled back down. I'm not finding any articles on this happening for others to my assumption is that I have a short somewhere... Where should I start looking for the short? Could the error be in the mixing section or is it certainly in the amp portion?

    The manual is here.

    my first thought is to put on my meter and compare the output from the mixing section on each channel to see if one is sending a much stronger signal than the other... If they are the same then move on to the amp circuit looking for a short. Your thought?

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    Sorry but I think this is way beyond your possiblities, as of today.

    You need to be reasonably equipped , be able to read a schematic, (which you donīt have), identify parts, measure whateverīs needed, get and replace parts,, etc.
    All doable but it takes time ... say a couple years.
    Imagine learning German or Chinese just to be able to read a single book.

    For now, maybe you can go along with the still alive channel ... and be careful so it does not die as its brother.

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    Juan Manuel Fahey

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