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Thread: Single coil slugs

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    Single coil slugs

    What are some sources for these? I have a Japanese squire strat that has very terrible pole piece lengths... or slugs I guess. Cause I dont believe they're magnetic . Just awful lengths...makes no sense. The pickups have ceramic bar magnets as well. I need varying lengths of slugs so they can be flush with the magnet but then sit the right distance above the top of the pickup. Finally... what are you all using to glue bar magnets onto pickups? Thanks!! This guitar is smoking and I love the overall sound of these (cheap) pickups.

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    I have used cylindrical dowel pins for that purpose. ISO 2338 work just fine, and you get to know which alloy you're getting. They come in all lengths and diameters, and they are beveled, which is a plus. Just get the lengths you need. I have also used them in P90s when customers didn't want adjustable screws. I've also found that they work great as, um, dowel pins when you assemble two pieces of metal that are going to come under shear stress, in custom guitar bridges / everyday mechanical repairs.

    Epoxy works great for those bar magnets, just remove all of the previous glue with a razor blade and give everything a good wipe with acetone before you re-glue them!

    I've been collecting those ceramic bar magnets for a while now - I get quite a few Squiers/other Asian guitars in my workshop and people usually tell me to incinerate the original pickups But they come in handy when you need a bar magnet that's magnetized vertically through its thickness.

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    Why not reorder the pole pieces you have into some more logical series. You can always grind down one or two if they are way out of whack. Another easier glue to work with is E-6000 from your local target/walfart.

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