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Thread: Pickup Tips & Scoop?

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    Pickup Tips & Scoop?

    I try to share all the time.
    I am nearly 69 years Old, and any more, I only make things for friends, grandsons, and a few regional semi-pro players.
    I don't think we should all forget all the knowledge, and hard earned info we've learned, when we checkout from life.
    That is why I've been collecting data through the years, and such.
    If you have any little winding tricks and secrets you want to share, please do here.(Not too technical, or too wonky)
    If you're not in big business selling pickups, there is no need to sit on your info especially if you are just a personal craftsman and hobbyist.
    So without further to do?
    Please share winding tips such as?
    DCR, TPL, Turns counts, Height, bobbin info, etc.
    If you have some hard earned pickup data, and want to share it, please do.
    Please no bought pickup comparisons, or reviews. Hand built, only.
    Thank You.

    Below is my Vintage/Blues Strat Data, I've posted in another thread, but I will post it again here to get us started.

    I will put my Alnico 4/2, A3/A5, pickup set, up with any I've heard to date.
    If you don't agree, post your data and prove me wrong!
    If you haven't tried, or made them, make a set and give them a try.
    Strat Neck S.C. 4/2-A3/A5 N/U-CW-42SP, 5800-5850K, aprox. 7800 turns
    Strat Middle S.C. 4/2-A3/A5 S/U-CCW-42SP, 6150-6200K, aprox. 8250 turns.
    Strat Bridge S.C. 4/2-A3/A5 N/U-CW-42SP, 6650-6700K, aprox. 8900 turns. The A5s on E & A.
    Your wire type, bobbin height and TPL is varible and up to your tonal experimentation!
    I use some fairly large diameter 42AWG Single Poly wire for these, SPE may work similarly!
    All Rod magnets are .195 diameter, I use only two different length magnets, .685, and .710 magnets, vary, and adjust stagger of the length through the back.
    My tone preference is 250K volume, 250K neck and middle tone strapped together, with .05-.075 uf disk cap.
    For the Bridge, I like 500k Pot, & .1uf mylar Cap., the 500k give greater rolloff, and a no load pot would also work well. but I prefer the 500k pot in the circuit, even when rolled off!
    I also like the 50ish vintage tone wiring scheme.
    Sincerely the MOD
    Terry K.

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