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Thread: Uber business model

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    Uber business model

    Somewhere in the middle of a recent thread we touched on Uber business model. Just announced in the paper yesterday Uber was buying Jump, the bicycle sharing company. They leave bikes around a town, you can grab one and ride it wherever you want and drop it in a rack. No need to return it anywhere. Hopefuly there is enough coverage that an available bike is within reach.

    The bike was unlocked from your smart phone app, and some small payment ensues. $2 for half hour.

    So Uber would own the app and support, plus they would own the bikes.

    Reading my description, I am not leaving an accurate vision, so here:

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    I rode one of the SoBi "social bikes" when visiting Hamilton, ON. The electric bikes are pretty cool -- lots of power -- until they run out. The nice thing about them is that the e-motors are great to get you moving from a dead stop. No more standing on the pedals like you might have to try with a non-geared bike. In fact, when you hit the control for the electric motor, the take-off is so good that it will sit you down.

    I'm not convinced that the leave it anywhere model will work though.

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