Has anyone had a PAF with the red colored wire through their shop? I'm looking for info on what the wire was, but have never had one in my hands to analyze. Was it an enamel coated wire? Poly?

Info online indicates Gibson moved to the poly wire in the later 60's (I thought early 60's with T-Tops...) but we all know how inaccurate the interwebs can be. I had some 1965 T-Tops here but never cracked them open as they looked like the standard poly wire used until the 80's. The only wire I've seen in PAFs and older P90s is the standard brown/purple stuff.

Reason I ask is I have a bunch of 1960 red enamel wire here that's labeled single build and specs out on par with my plain enamel. I also have some 1960 orange enamel wire here that's labeled double build and looks just like the stuff on vintage Fender pickups and it specs out pretty close to my modern Formvar wire from Remington. I also have some 1960 heavy build wire from a UK manufacturer that was labeled plain enamel but looks and specs out closer to the modern Formvar than PE as well.

I suppose there was no standardization on the coating, but any info on the actual makeup of the red PAF wire would be appreciated.