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Thread: Need advice on a starter build project

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    Need advice on a starter build project

    Hi everyone, I've done some simple guitar and amp modifications and built some General Guitar Gadget's effects pedals from kits in the past. I would really like to do a vacuum tube project of some sort but don't want to tackle a full amp project until I learn a little more. I have the book, "Vacuum Tube Amplifier Basics" by EJ Jurich. There are several projects listed that I feel would be a good start. My problem is that the book doesn't explain the functionality of some of these projects. I don't really want to build something that I have no use for. Can anyone help me with what function/use I might have for a:

    Buffer Line Amplifier?
    Book says, "high quality dual channel vacuum tube buffer line amplifier with up to 25db of adjustable gain. The input and output load impedance makes the amplifier suitable for connecting between vacuum tube or solid state equipment")?
    Do I guess correctly that this could be used between say my cd player or mp3 source and a solid state amplifier the get more of a "tube sound". Perhaps between my guitar and a solid state amp?

    6v6 SE Amplifier?
    Book says, "basic single ended output stage with a 6v6gt power tube operating ultra-linear using a tapped primary output transformer. The 6v6 is self biased so there are no bias concerns. Input sensitivity is about 500mv and power output is about 5 watts. ...for dual channel build two.."

    Turntable Pre-Amplifier?
    I guess this one is self explanatory. I would assume I would connect this between my record player and a solid state amplifier.

    I apologize for my lack of knowledge but this will be the best way for me to learn. I pick a project and start on it I will learn as I go.
    Is there a different starter project anyone might suggest and where I might find instructions/plans? I must add, I really want to work with Vacuum tubes. Again, I really don't want to make something that I can't use.

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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    Duplicate thread here: (One's enough)

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