Hi All,

My one only last pedalboard worry is bypass quality in Boss TU-3. I do believe you need buffered signal to cut through all the cables and switches right, but the problem is, TU-3 has a bad bypass. It produces a painful peak in high mids that's difficult to take down with three point EQ in preamp, there is additional brightness which in this particular case is a negative quality and the bass response is reduced. Slightly tinny sound. Essentially, makes your guitar sound cheaper.

What do you think has happened? Did they go for budget parts? Or would you perhaps expect any type of adjustment trimpot?

I'm guessing there's not enough space in TU-3 to add a classic footswitch for TB connection? Is anyone able to kindly provide service manual for that thing?

Another option, keep it in a looper but that slightly defeats the purpose and adds a layer of complexity to playing live.

Many Thanks,