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Thread: Out of my Element

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    Out of my Element

    Hello. this is my first post and I have a question on how to proceed. I put a KA 12 pole mini humbucker on the pick guard my 910. I have signal thru the two Shatten thumb wheels. These are a new type for me and the supplied tone pot cap goes in one of three pares of holes on the little circuit board. The two pots came with a this cap.

    After ordering the thumb wheels I came across an old timey treble bleed set up i.e. a cap w/ a resistor **in parallel with the caps leads. ** I'm also rusty on my electronics vocabulary. a small resister goes between the two cap wires.

    Signal is clean but the tone pot, where I substituted the treble bleed, doesn't seem to do anything. I put it's leads thru the two tiny holes at the btm of the Shatten circuit board. per the diagram. It not soldered yet

    The other option would be to soldier the treble bleed where it would normally go or try one of the other hole sets. But I'd rather play than solder.

    Last question where would those leads go if need to remove the treble bleed ckt from the two tiny holes between the thumb wheels?

    thanks very much. I hope my question is clear enough to merit your time.


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    Hard to tell from your description and no schematic but "treble bleed" usually means a high pass filter to ground. The cap would normally be connected from the pickup hot where it connects to the volume control to the center terminal on the tone pot and one of the end terminals of the same pot is connected to ground with the other floating. You are just rolling off the high end by the cap through the pot (used as a variable resistor) to ground.

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    The parallel resistor/cap combination would usually go on the volume control. On the tone pot it would be self-defeating, in that you want to roll off the highs when turning down the tone and the treble bleed mod would be attempting to preserve them.

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