I've working on a Leslie 860 solid state amplifier and any advice is greatly appreciated!

Specifically, I'm working on the power supply. I've replaced nearly all the diodes (D10,11,14,15,16,12,17) and transistors (Q1,2,3) and the latest modification was replacing the broken relay (REL.3) with the only relay that Tonewheel General has for solid state Leslies. The link to that piece is below. It wasn't a perfect fit mainly because the resistance didn't match but I had earlier been advised that the resistance didn't make much a difference in this scenario.


When I power up the Leslie I'm getting some strange voltages around D12, D17, and Q1. The schematic reads the voltages should be around 17v however I'm reading nearly 60v! Nothing was smoking but the relay was quite hot after less than a minute. The plastic connectors that plug into the motors was not connected, I thought it was a little premature to put the full load on the circuit, but could this be why I am getting high voltage readings? Another reason?

I'm grateful for your time!


Portland, OR