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Thread: Fender BXR sixty

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    Fender BXR sixty

    My fender BXR sixty , has been repaired by a previous owner !

    One input jack was replaced, very sloppily!

    The other (original) input jack is very weak .

    Amp works , but recently started to cut out sporadically . It worked fine for good while !

    Is this worth repairing , and what can the cutting out be caused by ?

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    "Is this worth repairing , and what can the cutting out be caused by ? "

    You are asking a lot from a Forum.

    What's it worth to you?

    What is wrong?
    It could be anything.

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    I'll pitch in a couple possibilities!

    Could be that sloppy fix on the input jack! Might do to replace both with fresh jacks, properly soldered in!

    Don't forget the dreaded switching jack, part of the effects loop! We have sticky on it! Find it and read!

    If your amp has one of those cheapo plastic plugs on the speaker cable, those like to go intermittent too!

    There's probably a couple of multipin connectors on the printed circuit board too, sometimes just re seating those is enough to fix an intermittent signal!

    Is it worth fixing?!

    If it's your only amp and you have to make it work, sink or swim, yer' out of a job if your amp don't work, then I suppose it is!

    As far as trade value, it's not worth much $$$, you can always check ebay & to see what others are selling for!

    Then you can decide for yourself if it's worth the trouble!

    Good luck!

    That is all!

    (Just in time too! I'm outta breath typing all those exapatian points! Too much excitement! Whoooo-eeeee!!!!!!!!)

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    Agree and add: Ebay/Reverb/Craigslist stuff *may* even be sold for nominal 1$ .... so what?
    You will always have to pay freight which in a Bass combo is *expensive*, let alone you will have to invest some time and effort on it, it won´t exactly be delivered under the front door or inside a bird nest type mailbox, that´s for sure.

    Besides, and *this* is the main point,who guarantees it will work at least as well as the one you already have? .... if at all.

    With yours, there is *one¨* identified problem and which is solvable, of course it will take some troubleshooting.

    Online bought used stuff? : may be fine, of course, but may also be a Family sized can of worms.

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    Juan Manuel Fahey

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    I don't know why it wouldn't be worth fixing. It works- just intermittently. That means probably no parts. If it was in front of me, I'd just pop it open, get to soldering any iffy joints, clean the jacks and pots, and slap it back together. It shouldn't be a difficult fix.

    And,......welcome to the place!

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    I believe the BXR 60 uses the Fender PCB mounted jacks that have extremely fragile internal contacts. I have had several of this type where the jack crapped out, and only one where it was broken solder joints. Had a KXR amp where all I think this one uses the 6 pin jack, which should be at least a little easier to remove than the 9 pin jacks, which are a pain.

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