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Thread: Dimensional tolerances for a back panel?

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    Dimensional tolerances for a back panel?

    I am going to build a back panel for a Fender Showman amplifier. I am going to build one because the place I was going to order from has a long lead time and is rather expensive. Plus I have scrap hardboard and tolex just lying around my workshop.

    How short should I cut the wood panel to allow for tolex and fitting tolerance?

    For example if the panel is 20-1/2" by 6-1/2", what size wood panel should I cut?

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    What is the thickness of the Tolex? So it's the space width + Tolex thickness + a fraction to allow for a gap. You'll want to allow for a small gap between the Tolexed panel and the side wall just to insure against any audible vibration. I use thin shims when I set cabinet panels to evenly space a tiny gap for this reason. You can secure it tightly at the faces, but the edges are a crap shoot if you don't set a space or fit it tightly. A space is easier to do since it can be off a little without much consequence.

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