It all started in San Diego California, I was fighting for my life to pay rent, yet so wanted to play guitar, I saved my change and scrimped every way I could to get a few things to make noise with, one a delay pedal, sitting on the "sale" table, local downtown guitar store.
it worked for say a day or so before the footswitch started having issues,
the place I got it from said....sold "as is" buddy and offered to look at it for about double the price I paid for it,

it was on ampages many years ago, I found help, I was up and running for under $10.that was many years ago, I have now built tube amps, mics, mic pres, compressors, eq's, some of my homebrew sound tools are in working studios, but it all started right here.....on ampage.
have not been around for awhile, but wanted to drop by tell my story and say thank you, hope the love and help still flows here.