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Thread: Seymour D. 51-p-bass-stack

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    Seymour D. 51-p-bass-stack

    Any info is wellcome.

    I'm trying to make this:
    51 P-Bass Stack - Seymour Duncan Custom Shop

    I already made a crude proto, but have only AWG 42, which is too thick. I tried mismatched coils: 6 kΩ and 10 kΩ. Sound is thick but not overly, highs are ok. Tomorrow I probably will get AWG 43 to make another proto.

    The only public specs seems to be ca. 30 kΩ total DCR and Alnico 5 magnets.
    I think it has two identical 15kΩ coils, not mismatch? What would be the inductance? Probably quite high.
    Can any confirm ?

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    Last night I took the wire off from the first proto, and wound it with a 0,055 mm wire (≈AWG 43). The coils are: the lower 8,5 kΩ and the upper 15 kΩ DCR . First test sounded quite good and little noise.
    Haven't use much AWG 43, but surprisingly I feel it is easier to wind than the usual AWG 42.

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    Seems that a stack-type PU for 51 P Bass is right way to go. Just made version III. 2x 13,3 kΩ coils and AWG 43. 44 would have been better.

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