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Thread: Any Pickup Builders Needing Magnets?

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    Any Pickup Builders Needing Magnets?

    Hey folks, I'm looking to put in an order for some Chinese bucker magnets (standard 2.5 x 0.5 x 0.125), specifically bringing in rough cast A2 and A3 but they do all kinds. Anybody want to get a batch? Multiples of 100 is best and my current quote shipped to me in USD is:

    ~$2 / magnet (including shipping)

    Likely the price/magnet could drop if the order grows.

    Being Canadian, shipping within Canada should be reasonable; I would be willing to ship out to US winders as well, but it could cost a bit more to do so. Send an email to if interested. I'll check back here but email is best.

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