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Thread: Customers leaving goods at their risk

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    Customers leaving goods at their risk

    I recently took on a some repairs for another repairman and his booking form had some interesting wording along the lines of;

    "All equipment is left for repair at the customers own risk. The customer authorizes any and all repairs with the full understanding and agreement that whilst every care is taken, no responsibility is accepted for loss or damage howsoever caused."

    I asked him if anyone had ever declined a repair on that basis and he said not.

    Does anyone else have a similar acceptance condition?

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    I never bothered, but I wouldn't hesitate either. I would sometimes buy pre-printed carbon-form work orders from the stationer, and some had a similar disclaimer printed right on there.

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    Maybe a small shop can do this. Unless things have changed, we couldnít do it as a warranty station. They required you have insurance for such things. People will sue you anyway, depending on the state such announcements may not even be legal, and a judge in Small Claims Court is usually an ignorant buffoon as far as technology goes that will nearly always side with the customer. At some point itís factored in your operating costs.

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    I know what I would expect if I took something to a reputable shop and it was stolen or damaged.

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